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It's automatic trading, which makes us different from the rest of the market.

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Easy, download and install Cryptovea application

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Register and validate  identity. After initial deposit Your jurney starts

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All trades are automatic.

Overview is in the application 

Automated trading

Most fascinating possibility provided by Cryptovea  is  automated trading. Our application can analyze the market and perform trading operations. 


Cryptovea provides a specialized environment for algorithmic trading. 

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Build Your crypto assets with zero risk

Yes, cryptocurrencies are not for everyone. But it's still very interesting opportunity. Cryptovea offers approximately 290 cryptocurrencies. Your part is 50,100 or 150 cryptocurrencies. Depends on investment program. We will provide automated trading system which increases the amount of cryptocurrencies. Your portfolio will change and grow very dynamically.

How it works

Our automated trading system


Minimal investment

Lite : 5 000 USD

Medium : 10 000 USD

Professional : 15 000 USD

Investment program

50, 100 or 150 cryptocurrencies

Minimal period

 6 months. During this time is not possible to withdraw

Your benefit

60% from net profit

You have no risk of loss.  Our automated trading system has a mechanism for preventing risky and loss-making trades

Cryptovea portfolio

290 cryptocurrencies

Rocommended period

3 years

Our benefit

40% from net profit

Why invest with automated trading system

Since 2009 we spend a lot of time to develop reliable, secure and transparent automated trading system. This gives you many advantages over the usual way of investing. No emotional trading, no stress, you can spend Your time with family and other activities such as sport or hobbies. However, you still have the opportunity to control your investment, you can close automated trading at any time after minimal period 6 months. Our proposed investment period is only recommended, not binding.

Risk management

Our trading system monitors the completed transactions very closely. Cryptocurrencies, which may pose a risk, pays special attention.

Long-term statistics show the success of the investment strategy over 90%

Base investment indicator RRatio is normally over 10%

Both side can finish investment

You can finish the investment whenever you decide

We can end the investment if the system does not bring new trades

High profits

Crypto sector is very volatile. This brings high profits

Only cryptocurrencies

We trade only cryptocurrencies, no fiat, stocks or commodities

After the end of the investment


We use XRP or LSK blockchain for transfer funds on Your address.

Always online

24/7 we scan more than 

160 000 trading opportunities per minute. It is impossible to miss something

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You own cryptocurrencies. All trades are done in your account. This is not a collective investment.

Save time

You don't follow the charts at all. You do not need to know the technical indicators. You really get the time freedom.

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Easy invest

Jus few clicks to open and verify account. After initial deposit automated trading starts. Then just watch the evaluation of your account.

Scattered Coins

Maximum reliability

As example, 150 different cryptocurrencies mean that you invest far less than 1% in one cryptocurrency. 

This makes the investment extremely safe. Strategy  does not use leverage.

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Investment programs

Select investment program which suits your needs. Minimal initial investment from 5 000 USD. 

When this investment strategy is not for you

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets. Our strategy is based on increasing its quantity. If you are nonstop converting the value of your digital assets to fiat currency and comparing it with the initial investment, this strategy is not for you. Please, do not invest more than 15% of Your financial bonity into cryptocurrencies.

End of the investment

You or we can request end of the investment. Although this strategy is long term, You can end it at any time after minimal period 6 months. All more than 290 cryptocurrencies are sorted from the most profitable to the most lossy. You get the first 50, 100 or 150 cryptocurrencies including 60% of their profits, 40% belongs to us.

Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

Simple overview

With our Cryptovea client application, you can still see what is happening on your account

Initial state of investment

Top 50, 100 or 150 cryptocurrencies You currently own

Profit achieved from the beginning

Spend Your time with family. We will take care of the rest.


Unique investment strategy

means unique automated trading system look

own indicators

fully automated without the presence of a trader

strong risk management

top trading statistics

Why invest with Cryptovea ?


Cryptovea automated trading system is the best I've ever seen in trading"

We have been developing automatic trading systems since 2009. We focused on forex, stocks and commodities. But cryptocurrencies took us to a higher level. After three years of using our system, the amount of my cryptocurrencies increased in multiples. We are proud to share the gained knowledge with our partners.

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