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Coin operations

The cryptocurrency market is very dynamic. Changes are constantly taking place in it. Therefore, it is necessary to implement them in automatic trading. We cannot influence these events, so Cryptovea does not take responsibility for them

Add coin

Currently, the investment portfolio consists of 290 cryptocurrencies, of which 50, 100 or 150 by our investors. In the future, it is possible to expand the total amount of new cryptocurrencies by adding them.

Coin Manufacturing

Rename coin

Changing the name of the cryptocurrency is common. It is realised by the developer of cryptocurrency. It has no effect on quantity or investment strategy.

Variety of Coins

Delisting coin

Occasionally the cryptocurrency is delisted by exchange provider. In this case, Cryptvea will replace delisted coin with a new one. The total amount of cryptocurrencies remains the same.

Disable coin

If the cryptocurrency does not meet the standards of automatic trading, we will disable it manually for a while. It can be unblocked later or completely replaced.

Stock Exchange

Block coin

Longer disabled cryptocurrency is later blocked. A blocked cryptocurrency will never return to the automated trading process.

One Coin

Force SELL

If the cryptocurrency is delisted, it is massively sold off by investors and its price falls sharply. In order to avoid greater losses, we will necessarily sell it, regardless of the current profit.

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