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Product activation fee

30 USD (EUR) calculated to Cryptovea default cryptocurrency (BCH), according to minimal withdrawal amount. Paid once.

Monthly fee

15 USD (EUR) calculated to Cryptovea default cryptocurrency (BCH) paid automatically. 

If monthly fee is not paid, Free trading / Consumer / Safe box / Transparent aacount products are limited for few functions.

Click on Fees button to see details.

Monthly fee is paid together for Free trading, Customer account, Safe box and Transparent account

Withdrawal fee

Withdrawal fee is approximately 1% from withdrawal amount according to minimal trade size and Cryptovea default cryptocurrency minimal withdrawal.

Blockchain fee

Cryptovea is not responsible for blockchain fees associated with withdrawal and has no share in them.


The fees are different for each cryptocurrency.

Click Options icon on Cryptovea Toolbar, then Fees & Minimal Withdrawals  button to get withdrawal preview.

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