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Configure Your trade. Select limit or market orders


Design Your chart. Choose time period and style


Use technical indicators to better forecast price trending


See Your crypto portfolio. List balances, deposits and withdrawals

Free trading

Free trading allows You to trade on four markets. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro and US Dollar. You can trade more than 300 cryptocurrencies. It is standard tool for investing as You know many years. 

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Create Your portfolio. Buy and sell popular cryptocurrencies. Deposit or withdraw to another Your account. 

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Are You a beginner ?

Free trading is a good opportunity to try trading. Make several small trades, buy and sell cryptocurrencies to better  understand main principles. Test how deposits and withdrawals are made.

Working on Computer

Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

Server Installation
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Separated accounts

Any losses incurred in free trading have no effect on the course of automatic trading or regular savings.

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Why invest with Cryptovea ?


Cryptovea free trading

It is a common business tool for placing orders as many investors have known it for many years. 

The goal is not to copy the competition in details, to attract investors for a nice graphic environment and low fees, but to offer them complex financial solutions based on cryptocurrencies.

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