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General Agreement

Understanding the rules

It is a "privilege" to be invited to participate in a Cryptovea cryptocurrencies automated trading, not a "right." An applicant should never underestimate what the trading entities knowledge about him. Failure to provide full disclosure will disqualify the disingenuous. Clients must first prove that they are qualified, not the other way around. Until the client is accepted by Cryptovea, no deposit can occur. Face‐to‐face interviews with compliance officers and program management are occasionally required, but generally not necessary. Any arrogant or demanding personality will guaranteed to be rejected. Only the principal owner of funds is required as signatory. Corporations can not invest in Cryptovea now. Not only do the funds have to be on deposit in an acceptable bank; they must also be in an acceptable jurisdiction. It is felony fraud to submit documents or financial instruments that are forged, altered or counterfeit. Such documents are promptly referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for immediate criminal prosecution. It is Cryptovea decision whom to accept and whom to reject. Cryptocurrency market is highly volatile,  absolute confidentiality by the investor is a key element of every contract. A client who breaks confidentiality will precipitate instant cancellation.

Affidavit requesting information

I  hereby affirm that I have requested specific information about Cryptovea and or the cryptocurrency automated trading system. The confidential information presented, received, and learned is not for the solicitation of funds, nor is it an offering of any kind, but is for my general knowledge. I confirm that I have requested the information of my own free will and choice, and further confirm that no party has solicited me in any way. I hereby agree to keep all information received from you private, and proprietary, and that I will not disclose it to any other third party.


I  further affirm that any funds or assets I decide to invest are done so at my own specific initiative, risk, and authorization with full consideration and without duress. I further affirm that the information received is intended solely for my PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL USE ONLY. I am a sophisticated investor by all definitions of that classification known to me; I make my own investment decisions, and have legally acquired assets available. I, hereby reaffirm, under penalty of perjury that I have requested information from you and your organization and that you have not solicited me in any manner.


I  understand that the contemplated transaction is strictly one of private investment. I further declare that I am not a licensed securities broker or government employee.


I  under penalty of perjury, with full individual responsibility, hereby irrevocably, confirm that neither myself, nor anyone else associated with me is working for any agencies of any government. I further state under penalty of perjury that I am not involved in any government entrapment operation.


I  under penalty of perjury, with full individual responsibility, hereby irrevocably, confirm that neither myself, nor anyone else associated with me has been convicted of a felony, either within the Slovak Republic or anywhere in the world. To the best of my knowledge I am not nor are any of my associates considered to be terrorists.


I agree that all email and facsimile transmitted documents shall be treated as original documents. I further agree that in all cases where plural might apply where singular tense is used it is so applied.

Letter of exclusivity

I have full legal title, rights, interest, control and authority to commit and invest these funds and have chosen to do so of their own free will and sole decision without any solicitation or influence from the trade administrators.


I herewith grant trader administrator, full exclusive right as our sole agent for 6 Months and 1 Day (Six Months and One Day) and/or the period of the contract whichever is later including any proceeds of the investment if re-invested, from the above date, to enter these funds for me into the best available investment. I, the undersigned understand and acknowledge that the trade administrator will initially base the placement of this transaction on the face value representations and documentation presented, and that any misrepresentation may be considered criminal bank fraud. I, the undersigned hereby indemnify the Trade Coordinator against any misrepresentations. Facsimiles or electronically transmitted documents are deemed as legally binding as delivered originals.

Source of funds affidavit

I declare under penalty of perjury and with full personal and legal responsibility under the International Court of Law that I legally hold funds I will invest on Cryptovea platform. 


I further declare these funds are current and valid currency lawfully obtained and constitute clean, cleared funds of legitimate, non-criminal, commercial origin.  There are no liens, contractual obligations or encumbrances of any kind against these funds. I have full and complete, legal ownership of, and the unrestricted right and authority to pledge or otherwise utilize these funds.  The funds are ready for transfer or release upon my instruction. These funds are authentic and verifiable.  I am not aware of any matter which could or might cause the non-validation of these funds and I hereby indemnify the trade administrator and/or assignees, intermediaries, or other parties involved, against any claims, demands, civil and/or criminal in nature, and liabilities, damages, or expenses including without limitation any attorney’s fees which may arise, whether in whole or in part, caused by reason of reliance upon this sworn declaration.  E-mail, facsimile copies or photocopies of documents or agreements pertaining to this subject are declared and regarded as valid and equal to the original, provided they are represented by proper signatories.  Originals may be obtained upon request.

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