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Communicate with other Cryptovea investors, send private messages or exchange information in the public chat. In case of technical issues and questions, contact our customer support center. Read all important system notifications.


Overview of all outgoing and incoming messages in one place. On the left side of the screen you see a list of messages. The content of the message is displayed in the right part, including a preview of the attachments. After clicking on it, you will see its entire content. Unread messages are highlighted with a complementary icon and a different font.

New message

By clicking on New message icon, editing window will appear. Select ecipient. You can choose from our support center and the list of your Cryptovea partners.

If necessary, attach a graphic attachment, we support jpeg format.

Public chat

The public chat allows you to communicate and meet new investors.


This is how you can develop your business activities. If another investor gives you his reference code, you can add him to your Cryptovea partner list and take advantage of our system.

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