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Fees and minimal withdrawals

The amount of cryptocurrencies we offer is really wide. If the whole list seems confusing to you, we have prepared an overview for you, which also includes a list of our recommended cryptocurrencies.

In the left part of the screen, you can see all cryptocurrencies, fees and minimum withdrawal amounts listed directly in a specific cryptocurrency.

On the right side is the same list of cryptocurrencies, but fees and minimum amounts are recalculated with the current exchange rate to Bitcoin, Euro or USD.

The chart in the middle shows you fees and minimum amounts of all cryptocurrencies. If you choose a specific cryptocurrency in the table, yellow column in the graph will show you how expensive cryptocurrency is for withdrawals compared to other cryptocurrencies.

To make your work easier, we have prepared list of recommended cryptocurrencies in the middle part below the graph. The selection criteria were:
  - fees from 0.01 to 0.50 USD (EUR)
  - minimum withdrawal amount less than 10 USD (EUR)
  - Bid price > 0.00001000 X/BTC
  - Spread < 10%
  - minimum amount of confirmation for transfer < 500

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