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Investment strategy

Press Settings and Investment strategy button to open this screen.

It is statistic indicator which shows ratio between trading and holding cryptocurrencies.

The lower value of the indicator means more realized trades.

We usually close the investment if the indicator is close to 100 value

Special Attention

Sometimes conditions on market change during transaction and are different as initial ones. It can lead to financial loss. 

Although we are not responsible for these situations, we give special attention to this part of investment to eliminate loss as soon as possible.

Main screen

Main screen is divided to three parts. On the left, You can see cryptocurrencies You currently own sorted by profit. 

Click on the cryptocurrency that interests you and you will see the details in the middle part of the screen. At the top is the statistics. You can see initial and current balance. The white line represents the evolution of quantity.  At the bottom you can see the details of each trade. 

On the right You can see last 100 trades history.

Speed buttons are situated at the bottom. 


Alerts are automatic messages generated by blockchain provider.

Short text of alert You can see in the center of main screen with Alert details button.

Click on button to open window with full text alert.

Red mark

Red mark in portfolio preview indicates alerts.

Click on the cryptocurrency to display the alert text.


Press Settings button to open My account.

Then click on Cryptocurrencies button to show all cryptocurrencies currently available in Cryptovea

Internet connection

Red mark is visible if internet connection failed.

Click on it to show details

Electronic Board

Internet connection

The application still works with current



Therefore, it is necessary to check the consumed data

Virtual keyboard

To prevent theft of sensitive data via keylogger, Cryptovea uses a virtual keyboard to protect them. 

In these cases, hardware keyboard is inactive.

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