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Questions & answers



Is the trading strategy dependent on the

USD / BTC exchange rate?

Our trading strategy is independent of any fiat currency exchange rate.

Trading is the same when the USD / BTC trend rises or falls



Has Cryptovea trading strategy similar features as crypto mining ?

Yes. Our main goal is to increase the amount of cryptocurrencies in the investor's account.


We do not execute direct trades against fiat currencies.



How are you different from a crypto mining?

Much lower electricity consumption. We are more environmentally friendly.

We do not perform  blockchain transactions verification



Who can invest in Cryptovea?

Physical person older than 18 years and legal entities.



How is the investor's identity verified?

Verification of the investor's identity is done by using third party services on the basis of the submitted documents.

Speculative attempts are reported to the police.



Is there any 

active sanction program?

Registration of investors from sanctioned countries will be refused.

Sanctioned countries



Can You block investor ?

Yes, base on the instructions of a higher authority (police or court). Automated trading is stopped and withdrawal is disabled. Investor can be unblocked later. 



How cryptocurrencies are taxed?

Cryptovea is a global investment product. The taxation of cryptocurrencies varies from country to country. Therefore, taxation is fully in the hands of investors.



Is the investment subject to inheritance proceedings?

Yes, under the applicable legislation of the investor's country, the investment is subject to inheritance proceedings. The investment is completed and paid to the heirs.



Can I specify my own portfolio?


Not now. Cryptovea closely monitors available cryptocurrencies and adjusts the portfolio for all investors according to market changes.



Why the USD equivalent of a minimum deposit is  from $ 5,000 to $ 15,000 level

Diversification into 50,100 or 150 cryptocurrencies is extremely important for investment stability. Subsequently, by accepting the minimum trade size, we get to the mentioned amount.



Is it possible to deposit in fiat currency?


Yes, it is possible.



Why can't I deposit more than once?



Our trading algorithms are designed to handle critical situations on their own, without outside help.



Can I open more accounts ?



Yes, You can. Login and email must be different, but You can use same identity documents



What profit can I expect?


Yes, Cryptovea can evaluate some cryptocurrencies in multiples of the initial state. There is no fraud in this.



What time horizon do you recommend?


As these are cryptocurrencies that are expected to grow, we recommend investing in the long time with partial profit withdrawal.



What type of withdrawals do You offer ?


Cryptovea offers full withdrawal with initial investment and profit witdrawal from specified cryptocurrency



What is minimal period for withdrawal ?


You can withdraw Your profit after 6 months from initial deposit



What should I watch when withdrawing ?

Fees can have a major impact on profit. Therefore, it is important in which currency you want to make the transfer. Cryptovea prefers XRP transfers.




What is effective withdraw

Effective withdraw is Cryptovea tool, which helps You withdraw profit from specified cryptocurrency based on profit, fees and minimal withdrawal amount




Is effective withdraw always enabled ?


Base condition which enables effective withdraw is bitcoin equivalent of current cryptocurrencies higher than initials



Will Cryptovea run on other platforms?



Yes, we still rise. We plan to offer the application on other platforms as well



Is my data secure?


Yes. We use three different types of coding, depending on the sensitivity of the data.



What is this sign ?


This is cryptocurrency alert. It is specified by cryptocurrency developer. Cryptovea is not involved.

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