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It's simple but very effective

 financial strategy

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Monthly fiat deposit is divided into specified

 crypto currencies

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The lower price, the higher purchased quantity 

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All trades are automatic.

Overview is in the application 

Regular savings

Regular savings is the second Cryptovea financial product based on regular monthly purchases of cryptocurrencies.

Product is suitable for those who do not want to invest a large amount at once and prefer long-term regular deposits of a smaller volume, such as $ 100 per month.

Through Cryptovea application, you can specify at any time what five cryptocurrencies we should buy for you.


The cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile, which brings new investment benefits.


Main advantage is that you buy more at lower prices. This creates suitable conditions for the future growth of the value of your investment

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How it works

Minimal investment

recommended 100 USD (EUR) per month

Minimal period

 24 months. During this time is not possible to withdraw


5% from deposit and withdrawal amount

Rocommended period

long time investments

Why invest with regular savings

Regular savings are a really simple form of investment that does not require any previous experience. It is also acceptable for beginning investors. Just enter a permanent bank account to transfer the invested amount and we will take care of everything else for you. You can monitor the status of your investment account in real time through our application. Of course, this is a long-term investment.

When this investment strategy is not for you

Cryptocurrencies are digital assets. Our strategy is based on increasing its quantity. If you are nonstop converting the value of your digital assets to fiat currency and comparing it with the initial investment, this strategy is not for you. If you are not able to regularly invest a small amount over a long period of time, this product is not for you.

End of the investment

You  can request end of the investment. Although this strategy is long term, You can end it at any time after minimal period 24 months. Based on your request, we will sell all your cryptocurrencies and after applying our fees, we will send the final amount to your bank account.

Working on a Computer

Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

Simple overview

With our Cryptovea client application, you can still see what is happening on your account

Regular deposits

Cryptocurrencies You own

Profit achieved from the beginning

Spend Your time with family. We will take care of the rest

Socializing Online

Why invest with Cryptovea ?


"Cryptovea regular savings  is really easy investment for everyone"

The goal of Cryptovea  investment platform is to be accessible to every investor. For both, experienced and beginners. That is why we enable regular savings in which we see a real investment potential.

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