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Construction Engineer

Do you want to exchange 1000 EUR for 300 USD with Your Cryptovea partner?

Construction Workers

Cryptovea will make it possible for You. Prepare your accounts.

Engineers at work

Agree account balances by checking each other


Leave the execution of the trade to us. It will be quick.

Swap Balance

Swap Balance product helps you avoid various fraudulent activities in business with the sole purpose of robbing you. Cryptovea acts as an impartial mediator of business transactions between you and your partners. Prepare your accounts, check with each other and then we execute Your deal.

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Swap Balance has own toolbar. When request is active, You can inspect Your and Your Cryptovea partner account balance. If balances of accounts are in accordance with your business contract, mutually express your consent. Subsequently, work with accounts is limited until the trade is executed. Cryptovea, as an intermediary, exchanges capital between participating parties. After that, work with accounts is freed up and you can work with capital according to your needs.


With Swap Balance, you prevent unpleasant situations

Unfortunately, there are many entrepreneurs who want to rob the other party in a fraudulent way. Also by the fact that after your fulfillment of the contractual relationship, they will not perform their fulfillment. But what then? Lawyers and lawsuits are coming. With Cryptovea you can avoid that. We will carry out the trade only with the mutual consent of the parties involved.

Engineer on Tablet

Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

Easy to use

Use Swap balance toolbar for effective control of this product.


Specify new request, cancel if You don't agree with conditions or accept if You want confirm account balances.

Using Consumer Account product deposit funds on Swap balance account. Confirm if Your account is ready. 

Review your Cryptovea partner's account and if you agree, confirm it as well.

Why invest with Cryptovea ?


Cryptovea swap balance

I feel safer using Swap Balance.

Despite the trust in my business partners, I know that everything will go as it should. And also extremely fast, regardless of what cryptocurrencies and fiat are stored on the accounts. I understand that withdrawals from accounts are suspended during the mutual agreement phase.

I definitely recommend it for new business relationships.

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