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Tax advisor

Cryptovea is a global investment and payment platform. It is not entirely within our power to fully solve the tax issues of all countries. Other systems don't do it either. Therefore, each investor must deal with tax matters independently. From our side, however, we offer all the necessary documents.

For every deposit, withdrawal, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies, you will receive a transaction notification in your account. The conversion of the value to fiat currency is part of the confirmation. This information is used in tax matters as proof of income or expenses.

For multiple transactions with the same cryptocurrency, we apply the FIFO (first in, first out) method. We do not average prices.

The Tax Advisor product is paid for with a one-time activation fee. In the event that you decide not to activate this product, some countries allow you to submit an honest declaration regarding the taxation of the income from the cover. The affidavit is used in cases where the investor does not have all the documents for calculating income from the sale of cryptocurrencies.

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