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Cryptovea tiles allow you to place various information on your desktop according to your needs. This way you get a useful overview of your prices or what is happening on the markets. Pay attention to Cryptovea metadata.


Specify which price chart you want to display, select the time interval, chart type and display size. If you have completed the settings, click on the graph area and hold the left mouse button to move it to the required part of the screen.


Our systems constantly monitor prices on world markets. Since 2018, we have been creating metadata from the obtained prices, which will enable investors to better understand the state of the chosen cryptocurrency.

Portfolio structure

As you know, Cryptovea offers you several accounts for different purposes. This tile monitors balance of your accounts and converts their value to fiat currency.

Price table

Create your own list of prices to display in this tile. You can edit it later.

Recommended cryptocurrencies

The tile shows our recommended cryptocurrencies. Transactions with them are the least demanding on fees.

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