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Helping Hand

Crisis situations cannot be predicted

On Fire

For example, losing your home due to an earthquake or fire

Support Group Session

That's when everyone's help is needed

Mother and Daughter Love

You can trust us even in difficult moments

Transparent Account

Our intention is to build transparency and trust in the financial sector, which will enable you to achieve your financial goals. If you need to reach out to the general public for financial assistance in crisis situations, a transparent account is the best choice. You can count on us even in difficult times. The transparent account serves as a place where the public can contribute funds to support those in need.

The trust of the general public towards you is extremely important for help in crisis situations or support for your projects. A transparent account gives you security in important moments.

Open a transparent account and don't hesitate to ask the public for help

Every financial transaction and contribution to this account will be transparently recorded and publicly disclosed so that everyone can follow the flow of funds.

A man looking at a computer screen and smile

Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

Easy to use

Transparent Account is available clicking on Daily Solutions icon. One-time activation and payment of the monthly fee for Free trading product is required. Otherwise, Transparent account is deactivated until Free trading monthly fee is paid.


Cryptovea transparent account

Funds collected in the Transparent Account are intended exclusively for helping our clients in crisis situations. They are used to provide for needs depending on the situation, such as damage to the home by fire or earthquake, medical expenses, loss of income or other urgent needs.

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