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Cryptovea utilities

Cryptovea utilities help you by offering additional functions and information using which your steps are more effective. You thus have a constant overview of prices, the status of your accounts, tax questions, fees or minimum quantities.

Define your own list of Cryptovea partners, so you get the possibility of direct communication with them or the possibility of a more efficient exchange of capital.

Cryptovea partners

A reference code and the consent of the other investor are enough to become Cryptovea partners.


Send private messages or grant the right to carry out a direct encash from your account. You can see all deposit addresses of your partner

Send an invitation email to your friends so that after registration you can mutually use the advantages of our system.

Messages and chat

Use chat to meet other investors. Develop your business activities.

Private communication takes place in the Messages application. Here you receive all important system notifications, you can communicate with our customer support center or send private messages to other investors.

All accounts preview

We offer you a quick and effective overview of  status of all your accounts. You can see their status converted to fiat currency, an exact list of cryptocurrencies that you currently own, as well as a graphical representation of your portfolio.

Fees & Minimal withdrawals


An overview table that will help you navigate the fees and minimum quantities. Although there is a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in our offer, only a small group of them meet our strict criteria. We have prepared for you a list of cryptocurrencies recommended by us, which are effective in terms of fees, spread, minimum quantities and other criteria.

Tax advisor

Since Cryptovea is a global investment and payment platform, tax issues must be solved by each investor separately. However, we provide documents that are helpful in this area. We evaluate deposits, withdrawals and all transactions with a calculation of their initial and final value converted to fiat currency.

Cryptovea Tiles

Layout your own screen using Cryptovea tiles. Choose graphs, price tables, a list of cryptocurrencies recommended by us, metadata or the structure of your portfolio.

Move on screen and save. You get a dynamic overview of everything you need.

Address book

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Address book shows all Your deposit addresses in a clear form in one place. You get quick and effective overview. Our system saves Your addresses automatically. You can save frequently used external addresses. Generate new addresses if needed.

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Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

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