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Minimal period

Minimal time of investment is 6 months. You can withdraw Your funds after this time. 

Click Settings, then Addresses button and control Your default LSK and XRP addresses used for withdrawal. Do not forget on XRP Tag. 

You entered these addresses after successful identity verification.

We will use these addresses if you choose withdraw profit over all cryptocurrencies or finish automated trading.

Withdrawal Funds

You can withdraw from 25 to 100% from net profit of all Your cryptocurrencies. Automated trading continues. Withdrawal funds will be visible on all charts.

There is the second choice, finish automated trading. In this case You will withdraw all Your funds. 

Click the button below to send the request to trading system

Use Unlock withdrawals switch if You want  disable withdrawal security items.

Withdrawal selected cryptocurrency

You can withdraw profit from selected cryptocurrency. Just click "Withdraw selected" speed button on the bottom of main screen.

 Specify amount from 25 to 100% of profit You want to withdraw.

You can use address and tag of selected cryptocurrency. If you are not sure, you can transfer cryptocurrency to LSK or XRP. Default option has lower fees.

If withdrawal is temporary offline You can only use  second choice, Cryptovea default cryptocurrency for withdraw.

If fees and minimal amount are higher than profit, speed button is disabled.

Please be careful what method you choose. High fees can have a major negative impact on your profits. We prefer ETH or XRP transfer. It depends on you what you plan to do with a profit

Effective withdrawal

Do You want to withdraw profit from one cryptocurrency only ?

Watch the blue marks. 

Marked cryptocurrencies are effective to withdraw. 

Of course You can withdraw profit from any cryptocurrency. Blue marks are only an informative indicator, they do not limit.

Fees and Minimal Withdrawals

Click Utilities icon on main Cryptovea Toolbar, then Fees & Minimal Withdrawals  button to get withdrawal preview.

You can select cryptocurrency which You are interested in. 

Fees and Minimal Withdrawals are calculated per bitcoin for better chart displey.

These fees are determined by cryptocurrency blockchain provider.

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