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Due the legislative changes we are currently not onboarding new investors

Cryptovea financial products

Cryptovea offers a wide range of financial products for individuals and companies.  Under one account, you get the possibility to trade in Euros, Dollars and cryptocurrencies, the possibility of automatic trading, savings as well as a consumer account for fast payments to Your family or business partners.

Our goal is to combine the advantages of classic banking with the new possibilities of cryptocurrencies and offer them to a wide range of our customers.

Consumer Account


Variable, constant, specific symbols or message to recipient helps You to better specify purpose of payment.

With Scheduler You can specify time conditions. Frequently used Cryptovea partners You can save as Template. If You trust Your partners, allow them to encash any amount from Your account. 

Use History and Balance to see all operations on Your account

Free trading allows You to trade on four markets. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro and US Dollar. You can trade more than 300 cryptocurrencies. It is standard tool for investing as You know many years.

The goal is not to copy the competition in details, to attract investors for a nice graphic environment and low fees, but to offer them complex financial solutions based on cryptocurrencies.

Free Trading

Automated Trading

Since 2009 we spend a lot of time to develop reliable, secure and transparent automated trading system. This gives you many advantages over the usual way of investing. No emotional trading, no stress, you can spend Your time with family and other activities such as sport or hobbies. However, you still have the opportunity to control your investment, you can close automated trading at any time after minimal period 6 months. Our proposed investment period is only recommended, not binding

Regular Savings


Regular savings are a really simple form of investment that does not require any previous experience. It is also acceptable for beginning investors. Just enter a permanent bank account to transfer the invested amount and we will take care of everything else for you. You can monitor the status of your investment account in real time through our application. Of course, this is a long-term investment.

Swap Balance

Swap Balance product helps you avoid various fraudulent activities in business with the sole purpose of robbing you. Cryptovea acts as an impartial mediator of business transactions between you and your partners. Prepare your accounts, check with each other and then we execute Your deal.


Use Swap balance toolbar for effective control of this product. Specify new request, cancel if You don't agree with conditions or accept if You want confirm account balances.Using Consumer Account product deposit funds on Swap balance account. Confirm if Your account is ready. ​Review your Cryptovea partner's account and if you agree, confirm it as well.​

Deposit Distribution

Are you part of a business in which you own a share? But you may be worried whether the profit will be paid to you according to the pre-agreed conditions. You can be with us without any worries. Use our Deposit Distribution product.

Use Deposit Distribution toolbar for effective control of this product.


Specify new request, cancel if You don't agree with conditions or accept if You want confirm profit distribution. Then just wait for deposit and distribution. 


Safe Box

Safe Box gives you new possibilities

Privacy and protection of your funds is primary importance to us. That's why we prepared this product. Only you know if you use it and what you have stored there.

If you only use the primary password, without an extension, for future logins to your account, the product will appear inactive. However, if you add its extension to the primary password when logging in, you gain access to the Safe Box product.

Transparent Account

Our intention is to build transparency and trust in the financial sector, which will enable you to achieve your financial goals. If you need to reach out to the general public for financial assistance in crisis situations, a transparent account is the best choice. You can count on us even in difficult times. The transparent account serves as a place where the public can contribute funds to support those in need.

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Cryptovea wants to be different

Compared to others crypto platforms, we have a unique, different approach to investment issues. We want to reach all business types, all generations and all investors, both beginners and experienced. We offer wide range of financial products

Cryptovea utilities

Cryptovea partners helps you keep track of your relationships. You get easy access to the deposit addresses of your family or business partners, you can enable them to encash from your account and you can communicate with them.

Messages help you communicate with our support center or with your partners. They also serve as a notification for all important financial transactions.

Public chat serves for open communication between all Cryptovea users. It helps you meet new investors and develop your business activities.

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Address book shows all Your deposit addresses in a clear form in one place. You get quick and effective overview. Our system saves Your addresses automatically. You can save frequently used external addresses. Generate new addresses if needed.

All accounts preview shows you status of accounts in fiat currency as well as a list of cryptocurrencies that you own

Use calculators to quickly calculate amounts between cryptocurrencies

Fees & Minimal withdrawals preview helps you better understand the differences between cryptocurrencies. In this utility, we present list of recommended cryptocurrencies that meet our criteria

Layouts is a very useful tool that allows you to display tiles of your choice on the desktop. You get smart overview of the situation on the financial markets.

For the  purpose of KYC policies we maintain an overview of politically exposed persons

CIS (client information sheet) displays all your data that you entered during registration and verification

Tax advisor helps you in the business accounting of your transactions for the tax purpose

Easy account open

If You are ready, just download MS Windows client application and follow instructions.

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