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Address Book

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Address book shows all Your deposit addresses in a clear form in one place. You get quick and effective overview. System saves Your addresses automatically. You can save frequently used external addresses. Generate new addresses if needed.

On the left side of the screen, click on one of your active financial products. Table displays those cryptocurrencies that have  generated deposit address. Click on a specific cryptocurrency and the details will appear on the right side. You can copy these to the clipboard and process them further.

To generate a new address, click on the PLUS icon at the top. Choose a cryptocurrency and click the Generate button. The generation of the address may take longer, depending on the chosen cryptocurrency.

To save an external address, click the Address Book icon at the bottom. Already saved records will be displayed in the table. Clicking on a specific entry will display details. Using icons in the lower right part, you can edit your records, add new ones or delete them.

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