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In order to deposit initial balance, we need to verificate Your identity. Click Options button in main toolbar and press Identity verification to start.

First step

You have to verificate Your account usually up to 7 days. After this time we delete unverified accounts.

You can not be younger than 18 years. Fill all required data. System prefers *jpg, *.jpeg file format for Front and Back government ID. File must be lower than 1.5 MB. 

Front and Back government ID photos must be clear, in color and  readable

Days between Valid until date and today must be minimum 30 days. 

Main business activity

In this section, fill main business activity, annual salary and origin of invested funds.

Bank account


Fill base information about Your bank. 

Attach clear and readable copy of account statement. You can delete account balance information. Remeber that this bank account is linked with Your Cryptovea account. 




Please, take a moment and help us to better know our investors. Approach filling in responsibly, provide true data.  Fill both cards, "Who am I" and "My skills"

Take a selfie

We will turn on Your camera. Check system settings and antivirus camera shield if a problem occurs.

Take Your government ID in Your left, next to the face and take clear selfie.

Use Show button if You want to control selfie quality.

Click Finish verification. Follow instructions and move Your head around in 5 seconds. Camera will turn off and all required information will send to Cryptovea.

You will be redirected to our website, where we will perform dual identity document verification. Please follow the instructions. The verification process will then be completed.

We will check all Your data and answer very soon

Account verificated

If Your account is verificated, You will get message during login process.

We can also refuse Your identity verification if data are unclear. We will inform You in same way, during login process. 

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