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Deposit Distribution product has own toolbar for effective control and preview.

New request

Enter secondary password and floating code from Your email. Deposit specification window will open. Select cryptocurrency and expected deposit amount. Click OK to create deposit distribution  request. 

Select Cryptovea partner You want to add and click Add Cryptovea partner button. Specify share  (provision). 

My account

Press icon "My Balance" to show details about Your account balance. If You are author of request, Your withdrawal and trader controls are temporarily disabled. 

Request history

Press "Request history" icon to open history preview.

Until confirmation is not complete, everyone can cancel request. Just click on red icon "Cancel Request".

If confirmation is complete, it is not possible to cancel request

After complete mutual agreement, the conditions for the transaction are met, which will then be implemented under our supervision. You and Your partners will be informed about request execution by email

Distribution schema

Click "Distribution setting" icon to specify Cryptovea partners and their share. Press Show Cryptovea partners to open Cryptovea partners window.

If Your Cryptovea partners list is ready, press Finish deposit distribution request. From this moment, Your Cryptovea partners can confirm or cancel request.

Request info

Press icon "Request info" to show details. You can see who is author of request, date, time, state and expected deposit. Distribution setting is in table. Author always has a zero share because the balance after division remains in his account.

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