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Cryptovea partners

Using referal code You can define Your Cryptovea partners. This will enable you to send regular payments more efficiently. You can give the right to realizable encash payments from your Consumer acocunt and you can communicate directly with your partners through the messages application.

Where is my referal code

Click Legislative and safety icon on main Cryptovea Toolbar. Then click CIS icon and Referal code icon.  Share your code to allow other Cryptovea investors add you as a partner.


Click Cryptovea partners icon on Cryptovea Toolbar

Main screen

All Your Cryptovea partners You can see in table. On the right side of the screen, you can view your partner's deposit address and grant him the right to make direct encash payments.

Pay attention to "Can encash only" check box. Generaly, You can allow to Your partner to encash funds from Your customer account. Check it to show only partners with this option

New partner

Click New partner button to open dialog. Choose Name of Your Partner and insert his Referal code.

Pay attention to Can encash check box.  Check it to allow Your partner encash funds from Your Consumer account.

Click Send request and wait for confirmation

Invite friend

Click Invite friend, fill e-mail address and click Send information mail. 

Your friend recieve invitation mail for opening account on Cryptovea.


When You delete partner from Your table, You disable encash funds option from Your Consumer account for this investor

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