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Android Cryptovea

Android Cryptovea is application for Android devices. It is designed for a quick overview of trades

Create PIN

Due to the fact that the application serves only a quick overview and it is not possible to enter payment instructions through it, it is possible to replace the password with a PIN code.

In Your Windows application, click Settings on left side. Use Change password or PIN. Click on PIN and enter new PIN code. 


In mobile device, click on Cryptovea icon. Enter Your login and PIN code to unlock application.

After 3 minutes of inactivity, the application closes. Watch the indicator at the bottom of the screen.

For technical reasons, the administrator can temporarily restrict the application to all investors. You will see a report on this on the login screen. In this case, all investors are automatically logged out and it is not possible to log in

Application is disabled by administrator

After logging in, all sessions on other android devices will end automatically.


Select product


Select financial product You want to open or click Logout to close screen

Automated Trading


Account screen

On this screen you can see all the cryptocurrencies you currently own. Cryptovea is an extremely dynamic system, so this list is changing intensively.


At the bottom of the screen is a graph showing the development in quantity, statistics and a tabular overview.


Below is a navigation bar to move through the list and account status information after converting to EUR or USD.


History and Market

History screen shows last 100 trades on Your account.

Market screen lists ASK, BID and 24 hours change of all cryptocurrencies. At the bottom of the screen is a graph showing the development of bitcoin prices. You can use 1 day or 1 hour period and show prices in Satoshi or BTC

Regular Savings


Regular Savings

Click on DEPOSITS, BALANCES or WITHDRAWALS tab to see regular savings details. 

History of Your account balance You can see in the chart below.

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